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IMAF Western Portfolio Companies

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Company Overview:

SensorTech is an advanced materials company commercializing “smart plastic” sensors that make other products more intelligent.  Our patented conductive polymer technology enables force measurements on 3D surfaces and in compact areas with sensors that offer durability, high speed response time, a wide measurement range, and low energy usage.  SensorTech’s current offerings include pressure mapping systems, thin membrane sensors, and calibratable switches.



Company Overview:

Materials Innovation Technologies is a leading advanced materials company focused on developing innovative technical solutions for the manufacture of complex-shaped performance composite parts.  We work with advanced materials such as carbon fiber, aramid fibers, fiber glass, natural fibers, and hybrids, along with our proprietary manufacturing process to successfully develop solutions for the emerging technology needs of the Aerospace, Automotive, Defense, Medical, and Recreational Sporting Goods markets. 


TrakLok Corporation is a product and service company deploying a solution to secure and globally track intermodal shipping containers and cargo. TrakLok sets the foundation for an end to end cargo tracking and security management system that dramatically increases the security of cargo and containers while maximizing the efficiency of their movement and storage.Using physical security technologies, wireless communications, and wireless sensor networking, the GeoLokTM and TrakLogTM solution provides lock-tight security with total asset visibility for high value and high interest shipments throughout the world.

Creative Allies is a website that allows anyone to create content for companies, brands and even rock stars and get paid for it.

Users can join as Allies or Musicians (and eventually Businesses). Allies simply upload Creations for Musicians, and if the content gets used, they get paid. With a single click, Musicians can license these Creations for promotional or commercial use.  Creative Allies removes the traditional hurdles for artists to obtain new customers and new jobs. Location, experience and existing relationships are no longer relevant.



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